Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Leaders are just a handful.......

Off lately we have been ambushed by none other than the issue of leadership. Been wanting to write but somehow i kept on procrastinate to do so. waiting for the right moment i guess. is there any such thing called the right moment? ok lets throw out some of what i personally felt about this never ending issue. 

 Have you ever heard the saying of "Leader Are Just A Handful"? Or to make it more casual and light... the main motto by Mr Spiderman... With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility. Now are you getting me? A great leader to me is not about how good you run your particular entity. Be it a country, an organization of even a unit back in your office. Its about being a leader with quality. You can be a leader with power but if you don't have the quality criteria in yourself then power goes down under. it has no use. A leader must be able to comprehend and execute whatever responsibility given to him. 

This is where delegation of task takes place. A great leader do not micro manage. Plus they do not and never betray their team members and Vice Versa. Sympathy. When you lead you have team members with you. How do great leaders communicate with his/her team members? Here one vital point that has to be taken into consideration is EGO. Put that down and start mingle with your team members. Why do i say it is vital because not all team members has the same attitude, it varies. Learn how to handle them well. 

Healthy relationship comes hand in hand once EGO and other selfish and ugly attitude in a leader is scraped off. They do not practice sarcasm what more back biting among team members. Respect is Earned not Demanded. i totally understand each leader has their own way of sailing their own ship. but if u are able to foresee the ship is about to sink, then another criteria of a quality leader comes in, which is accuracy. Failure to plan over a chaotic moment may lead to a ruptured organization.

Calculation has to be accurate. Why accurate? Because this is what usually happen... when things goes wrong... pointing finger starts to takes place and worst case scenario diversion will start to occur. This is what happening around us right now. Easier said than done, in my own opinion bosses are many but leaders a just a handful. Power cannot guarantee the success of one life. It's about having the quality aspect of a leader in you. I love my country and i respect my leaders. But if this dark moment continues... WE may have to look for some other options. If there is ANY. 

BUT once u have broken the trust.... u remain straight into the drain. Painful? but that's the fact. Just my two cents. 

 Signing Off,

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