Monday, 29 September 2014

In defence of true teaching of Islam.

There are so many tribulations nowadays. Matched precisely with what was foretold by the Prophet (Pleased be upon him). In one saying, a tribulation is said like a condition of a black ant on a black stone in a dark night. One hardly knows the truth. The actual facts are hard to be known. Because there are so many other false information being disseminated to represent the truth.

Nowadays, Islam the religion, being harassed with character assassination by numerous groups with specific agendas, in order to instill in minds of the people at large so that they only know of Islam except extremism and evilness.

The international media propaganda goes on to the extent that they labeled certain militant group by the name “Islamic State”. Of course, with the hope that it gives certain characterial damage to the name which actually refers to an attribute of a state.

So what is Islam is all about then?

In a summary, it is defined from the two testimonies of faith itself, which contain the fundamental of Islam.

There is only one Creator and is the only one God

Islam simply means to acknowledge that there is a creator of this world. The Creator is one and only.

This One Creator, creates the creation which is the world and we human are among the creation.

Since the Creator is one and we are among the creation, thus the dependability on the Creator is inevitable. In other words, it is a must.

Since the creation is depending on the creator, there is a relationship of God and servants. This relationship of God and servants exist at the same moment the creation starts to exist.

So there is one creator of the universe and we, the human are among of the creation. His name is Allah.

And Muhammad is His Messenger and servant

This is to answer the purpose of creation. We know that we are human and we are of creation. Then what is this relationship of servant to God? How?

Then the creator sent us the answer, in a form of a human. A creation itself, that gives example of what is the best way of a human to live. The best of the creation. The highest of benchmark.

As in the creation, there is a war between good and evil, normal human being would choose good against evil. An advocate of evil is represented with the image of satan. While satan is also an enemy of God, the source of all goodness.

As an opposition to the satan the advocate of evilness, the messenger is an advocate of goodness.

This creation is to represents truthfulness, not falsehood.
This creation is to represents righteousness not evilness.
This creation is to represents justice not injustice.
This creation is to represents knowledge not ignorance.
This creation is to represents kindness not cruelty.

The lists goes on and on..

It is summed up in another account,

..this creation (the messenger) is a MERCY towards the total creation.

Thus, in a summary of first statement and second statement above, that is what Islam is  all about.

False representative of Islam

But then, by recent developments, there are so many claims of representative of Islam by doing things are not of Islam. It gives opportunity to certain propagandists whom are hostiled towards Islam, to loudly announce to the world that this is Islam.

People may confuse with an act of cruelty done by certain militant groups, which motivated by political vision and mission and fall to the trap in believing such cruel and inhuman action is the teaching of Islam or approved by the muslims at large.

But the tribulations that fallen upon us does not stop there, there exist from the muslims themselves who fall for the trap of propaganda and not only becoming victims but brainwashed to the extent that they have become among those who spread misconception, misperception, misunderstanding and lies about Islam.

Some say that, to know real Islam then you need to look at the source of Islam itself but not to look at the followers. This saying comes out since many followers of Islam namely muslims are no longer practicing the true teaching of Islam. Therefore they cannot be representative of true muslims who understand and practice the true teaching.

This is sad, because muslims suppose to represent Islam. A community of muslims should be able to manifest what is the true teaching of Islam. That means to manifest what is the meaning of mercy. Since the messanger of God is sent down as a mercy to mankind as well as to the universe itself.

A true understanding of Islam manifests true practice, while true practice of Islam manifests the intended mercy. Other human should feel the mercy as how other human being felt the mercy when the Messenger walked among them on this earth in the past.

Tribulations (fitnahs) fell upon mankind and distract many of us from the mercy. We are in deprivation of the mercy in that way. While we are created to feel the mercy, we are in need of the mercy.

Have come to the end of this article, are those who understand its content. Mature humanbeings who have live long enough on this earth to realize that there is underlying law created to regulate how the creation behaves. That is how we recognize what is right and what is wrong.

Lastly, we know that is truth shall prevail. A process that keeps continuing from day to day and not subjected to the perception of any creation.

As muslims, we are bound to manifest true teaching of Islam which also means to manifest the mercy.

The mercy is the attribute of the truth itself. When it comes, are we blessed with the mercy or are we not? On which side are we actually?

Pak Long is one of the author of incikposmen

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