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This is no longer Dr Mahathir management era - by Pak Long @

I repost this comment of mine which previously re-published in one posting of Blogger Zamkata.  This is my personal view and may not be representing the rest of the authors of incikposmen. Of course people may agree or disagree based on their own reasoning, experience and perhaps political inclination. 

Thank you blogger Zamkata for the attention. For readers, please ignore the grammar and spelling mistakes. Hahaha.

Pak Long13 September 2014 08:19

For me the situation may worrying when the PM seems cannot control some of his advisers around him that have the oppoturnity to influence decisions and management of the country.

We must bear in mind that this is no longer Dr Mahathir management era where every things is centralised and all are up for Dr Mahathir perusal. In Najib's era, there is much of decentralised management and delegation.

In a view of management, there is no wrong whether you want to be autocratic that is to say that you want to control everything or you want any decision to be collectively discussed so long it benefits the people you manage.

So there is no wrong if Najib wants to delegate the role to check everything or something to a team trusted by him or to any individual. However in choosing this method, he must make sure the validity, ability, integrity and insanity of the people or team that he chased. He should from time to time review their progress and development. Or else, things may start to run on its own.

I think that is why Tun Mahathir voiced out his concerns. I think it is about something that need to be relook into by Najib. It is not that Tun wants the PM to step down as some of us think.

Maybe we must differentiate between political advisors and business advisors. Some business advisors should not make decisions that may affect the policy of the country drastically or against the current political policy. If that is happening then the country is running out of its track.

There is balance in everything in this world and Malaysia as a country of three major races is a tough country to manage. Tun Mahathir spent his years as PM of the country doing this tough work of balancing. When there is no longer balanced, we shall see imbalance then the state of chaotic.

Link to the article in Zamkata Blog is here.

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