Sunday, 10 April 2016

Kingsman : About reducing population

I just watched Kingsman movie, from Astro. The Secret Service and a typical espionage secret service movie just like "The Recruit" (the only movie that my memory can relate to). That is the second movie that I found out it brings the issue of "depopulation". Yes, to reduce the population of the world.

Maybe some of us just set out the idea of reducing the world population as mere movie theme or ingredient for attracting viewers. A trending plot for movie that is entertaining and just that. No one get serious about it, and there is no such thing as new world order.

Well it is up to everyone judgement on what it is the depopulation issue that they the entertainers are playing on and on. The issue of reducing the population had been raised in the Dan Brown famous novel. The Novel title is Inferno. Later on the novel had been adapted into a movie. 

However, I did not watch a lot of movies so I could not tell other movies out there that bring the same issue of depopulation.

But it is interesting to note that to some people, they are really serious about it. Here, we have a previous posting on a monument in United States that brings such a message to the it's future generation. Oh, that monument is real and not a creation in a fictionous movie. The article can be read here. It is in Malay so please translate it through google translation if you must.

The Mystical Monument that reminds
humankind to depopulate itself.

In the Kingsman, "the must be villain" had created a technology by using simcards in order to affect human minds. That was done by using a satellite. The wave spread to the earth affecting and manipulating human minds so they are stimulated by the sim cards in their handphones to destroy each other. That is a brilliant plan to reduce human population. Clap..clap.

But not to forget, in order to achieve the mean, they have go give telco package of free calls to all users and that is a lifetime Telco's commitment. Of course, free unlimited gb too. Wink2.

The Villain
Oh okay, why did they want to reduce human population in the first place? That is explained by the villain that expanding human population is a virus, and mother earth is the container. The virus makes mother earth sicks, so we must get rid of the viruses. The same idea was in the Dan Brown novel. The difference is only the way to achieve the goal. In the novel, it is by contaminating watersupply that would be spreading vicious viruses that can rapidly infects human and brings fatality to masses.

Oh yes, that must be coincidence for the sake of human entertainment. Right? It could not be that is some sort of dictation of the mystical and mysterious monument, couldnt it? Just like the zombies movies and series. In actual life, there are no zombies right?

Well. Life goes on, we go out to buy pizzas and eat them. And watch tv to see all those preppers of doomsday with their entertaining antics. Or another good tought is, that free lifetime calls and unlimited gb is one goodway to be depopulated. :-)

They have also the technology to blow human heads.
Unlike ISIS beheadings, heads got blown beautifully
and colourful. Oh sorry it is 18 SG.

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