Wednesday, 2 November 2016

What is Westworld all about? 18 ++

I see a lot of reviews made by fans of the new series of Westworld. There are types of reviews. While this review that follows will only look at certain aspects of it. I started to have the idea of reviewing the TV series just after reading a review from someone. But he his doing it through Youtube. His review is based on the notion that the series are actually a portrayal of what is seems to be a New World Order theme behinds it. Well, that type of conspiracy buff and I do enjoy reading it (Wink2). Really, and it sparks an idea for my personal review. 

My type of review here, I am going to look at the scientific side of it. Maybe it is also a bit philosophical as the Westworld itself is based on advanced science and technology theme as well as philosophical. The story does provoke the mind. Yeah..

Westworld is about a huge entertainment park where robots are programmed to live
according to interactive scripts prepared by the entertainment company. Rich people pay
a huge amount of money to be on the stage and act as if they are cowboys of the past.
Since they pay their money, clients can do what ever they want with the robots.
That is to include violences. 18 ++.
It may to seem anticlimax but I am going to touch upon the main points of my reviews. It is about the law of chances. It is about the theory of evolution and this story concept is based on just that. And you may ask why?
In the big stage, robots are programmed to live their normal usual 'life'.
So they have places, stuctures and actors like one of a movies set.
The set is about the time of the cowboys. The old west.
To make it simple, let us entertain ourselves with a question. What is the different between human and a robot that is successfully designed as to emulate a human? 

A robot is set to believe he is living a normal life,
 although it is scripted by a program inside the robot.
A robot that is to the view of a human as similar 100% a human. In term of external body with human tissues. It moves and behaves like a normal human as well as to think, speak and interacting as a normal human does.
Answers may differ according to one's background of religion, faith or education. A person who is from the religion of Jedi may answer that the different is the "Force' that it may only exist and interacts with human but not robots, as they are not product of the nature itself.

Of course we are expecting a typical answer from religious person whether muslim, jew, christian or any others. The different will be the soul. The soul that brings consciousness. From the soul there comes the mind. Mind of the human that can distinguish between two values and to make choices.

But here the robot can emulate the mind. Human programs the robot to have a mind. It is computer mind. It is the brain. But actually my personal view is that to say a robot to possess a mind is a misconception. I would rather call it a brain. As human brain exists and can be seen by eyes. While mind cannot be seen although it's existence is undeniable. It is like the human soul. Thus only human have minds.

Then there is the issue here, what kind of people that creates this story of Westworld? 
Is it relates to New Word Order just like a review that I mentioned above?

I believe. I do believe that these are the type of people belongs to a fraction of scientific community, those who believe that human exist out of pure chances. There was no creation. There was no one or anything that creates the human. No creator neither Creator, God does not exist. It just comes out from probabilities or chances. Human then make their own choices and creates their own actions. Originally it began with a probability that take its own course to supersede other probabilities. 

If you can understand my message in para above then you can understand that they believe the same course may apply to robots. Since anything are out of probabilities then robots are the same as the humans. Robots are created out of chances as human are created out of chances at the very beginning. 

Since they believe human are evolving from a basic form of a life being (algae like?) then have it's gradual evolution to an ape-like creature, the same thing may happen to robots. Maybe in a speedier mode since it has intervention from the human hands. To understand this further, we have to realise that what may be defined as consciousness. 

A robot started to realise when a another robot
whispered to her "these violent delights have violents ends"
Maybe we can ask before that what constitutes knowledge in human? If the answer is a knowledge is a pulse in the brain that is a result from interaction of biological systems in human body which process the input that the senses receive through bodily organs or faculties, then I insist that here there is lacking of terminology here in term of the mind. The mind is equivalent to the soul. It cannot be sensed by our five senses. 

But if these people relate the computer of the robots to the human brain, that they believed was started by pure chances, then the is no wonder that they would be tricked into believing this 'brain' of robot has the possibilities of evolving to the extent of having consciousness. 

They think they can program out of complex computer coding that defines logical thinking of the robot.

By that they can program the choices that the robot may pick up out of the process of logical thinking. Artificial intelligent.

They program the robot so that it may emulate human emotion based on pre-calculated and researched psychological modules.

Of course the simpler programming is to make the robot moves. 

Combined together, they believe that the robots may.. may by chances.. evolve. To have a consciousness and finally to have a free will. 

And they can go back to the past through black holes. Ehem.. And change the future, I mean present. Our present. Now. 

And I think that is what the Westworld all about. 


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