Monday, 5 October 2015

The Science of "Angels and Demons".

Last night I watched a film which is based on best selling international novel by famous writer Dan Brown. The filem I watched was "Angels and Demons". Although that this film has been on our local satellite TV channel for some time, I have problem to comprehend the story since I had read the novel before. It would take some time for me to fully enjoy the story in the film because I need to primarily erase the novel's story from my memory. To have the novel in my mind would only deprive me to enjoy the film since the film would take different course of events and a bit different from the original story. I think tonight I have forgotten what the novel is all about so I did enjoy the thrill of the movie. 

If it is angel vs demon, then it is about good against evil. But if you have watched the film or read the novel, it is about Christianity vs Illuminati. As the illuminati here may be represented by the works of science, since the film mentioned about the masters of illuminati who were brilliant scientists, philosophers and artists who contributed much to the work of arts such as Michelangelo, Raphael, da Vinci, Botticelli etc.

Therefore the film is also about christianity vs science. As evidenced from the words spoken by a character of a priest in the film, Camerlengo Carlo Ventresca. A priest who works for the Pope's office and very dear to the Pope.

In my personal opinion, the film version of Angels and Demons took a different path from the original story of the novel. So the true message of the novel may not be well delivered as intended by the writer. But that is common for film's adaptation of any novel. Lord of the Ring movie is an example of successful and profitable adaption from novel. Differences in the course of storytelling did not matter for audience to enjoy the epic. However I have to admit that I have not read any Lord of the Ring's novels.

A question comes into mind that if it is about good vs evil so which one is good and which one is evil? Bear in mind that Dan Brown, the writer is not a Christian neither he belongs to any religion. Having read the novel I personally feel that his sympathy did not fall towards christianity as a religion so I feel he is more towards the illuminati, or whatever the illuminati label represents. In other words, I am saying that the film itself is a critic on Christianity.

Apart from telling the audience of the many successful infiltrations of illuminati in the Roman Vatican Church that evidenced from works of art consist of statutes, paintings, symbols and drawings by famous masters of illuminati, the film also raised the issue of religion against science. Does religion should be in contrast with science? Or does science should be in contrast with religion? Or should both be in harmony with each other?

May I offer my humble logic. Religion is about faith. Faith which is about the existence of God. So it is God who made the religion. God also created the world or the realm thus we humans are also created. God created everything.

Since God created the world and the religion, there should be no issue of God doesn't know about the world itself. He knows every aspects of it.

While science is the human understanding of the realm or the world. While understanding by way of science itself is not unanimous and there may be difference of opinions among scientists. Difference of opinions shows that there are disagreements on certain topic of science. While the truth would only be one, thus other opinions would fall under false categories. However as the mind of the human being is limited in it's capability, the true science may not be fully understood until it is revealed later after discovery of further evidence as the advancement of science and technology itself.

While God is Supreme and Perfect in His knowledge and doing, His ignorance of anything in the creation is unthinkable. Therefore equivalent to impossibility. Thus if the truth is A and not B and C, God would not deem B and C as the truth. By telling B as the truth while the actual truth is A is a fallacy. Fallacy is a weakness. Weakness is attributable to the creation but not to the Creator or God Himself.

But what may happen to human scientists is that the possibility of majority of them deem B or C as the true science, while in actuality, it is A. This perception of the truth of B or C may prolong and it may lasting for years, hundreds or thousands of them. Until the truth reveals itself in any manner. There are a lot of examples of these scientific mistakes happened in the course of history.

Another possible situation is that when God tells that A is the truth while most scientists deem B or C as the truth. If those scientists are ignorance that the telling of A is the truth is from the Creator of heavens and earth, surely they will dismiss that as a fallacy while in reality they are the one who mistaken.

The only way those scientists are willing to accept A as true if they do believe the information given is indeed comes from God the Creator of the world. Because they know that God does not make mistakes. This is what is called as faith. Since the evidence for the truth of A has not come out yet.

Eventually, the evidences would show what is real. The pattern has been repeated since the beginning of human existence. Even it happens in our daily lives in a smaller scale or a micro view. Truth shall prevails.

Thus, science if it refers to the capability of human to acquire knowledge is not perfect. While science when it refers to the knowledge bestowed by the Creator of the universe is perfect thus accurate. It is impossible to associate any inaccuracy to something comes from absolute perfectness. Something that is just out of this universe.

The challenge on mere human mortals is to find out whether such perfect and accurate science exist. Science that can withstand the test of A, B and C as mentioned above.

By mere mortal.

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