Friday, 17 July 2015

It Is Eid Celebration Now In Malaysia And The Rambutans Are Ripening.

Rambutans are native fruits of Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and the neighbouring countries. Other famous fruit is durian. It is rambutans dan durians season now. At the mean time we are celebrating Eidul Fitri. The celebration in Malaysia would prolong to the whole month of Syawal (Almost 30 days).

Rambutan will get redder and redder from its earlier stage of green colour. While some other species of rambutan will convert to yellow while rippening.

If you have never taste any before, it is likened to lychee fruits. However it has its unique and distinctive taste. The taste is sweet and juicy. Unlike durians, rambutan is not controversial fruits. Most people would like it because of its sweet and juicy taste.

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