Saturday, 18 July 2015

Eating Rambutans.

Rambutan means the "Hairy". 
Not fully ripe, but some people just can't wait. However they are edible now and sweet. Ready to be enjoyed.

These type of rambutan known as lychee rambutans. Some call it as the "school children's rambutan".

Flesh and seed of rambutan.
Once pluck from the tree, rambutans have only few days to remain fresh. About three days to a week maximum. Beyond the maximum days the skin would start to darken and the process of rotting begins. Although the flesh of rambutan still edible, most people would prefer not.

There you go. Aftermath. The skins.
Question : Can we make Pot Pouri out of rambutan skins?

Because of that, there is difficulty to export the fruits to countries faraway. The problem to maintain it's freshness as it would only withstand for a few couple of days. 

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