Saturday, 12 August 2017

A song for atheists

Credit : Youtuber concdido

Now in this country we are having debate, whether an atheist can become the citizen of Malaysia. The reason is simple. Because in Rukun Negara or Malaysian National Principles, one must take pledge that he is to Believe in God. That is number one out of our five principles. 

But in Islam itself there is no compulsion on non-muslim to accept the faith. Non-muslim is inclusive of atheist as well. Atheists are supposedly those people who do not believe in God and do not embrace any religion.

But in reality, the term atheism is still confusing to me. Or the atheists themselves actually. Whether those people are really do not believe in God is questionable. When I listen to some of their argument, it is clear to me that sometime it is not the issue of believing the existence of God. 

Some of their arguments are mostly based on their dissatisfaction towards God according to their perception on reality. Because of such dissatisfaction, they wanting to perceive the non-existence of God. They reason that if God exist why such issues of their dissatisfaction exist. Therefore God doesn't exist because of that according to them. 

Some are confused with the term creator of the realm and God. They are saying that if they perceive the creator of realm exist that doesn't mean they do believe in God. Perhaps this happens because they do not have proper understanding of any religion. Terms that relate to religion is out of question and may be confusing. 

It is up to any individual to find up for himself or herself the reality of being existence in this world. The signs of the realm is enough for every of us to ponder and make sound conclusion. Whatever the result of our conclusion is something else. 

What is common for all of us, whether we believe in God or not, is all of us surely believe death is the end of our journey in this world.

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