Tuesday, 11 August 2015

UMNO politics must be studied carefully - An opinion from Dato Ajit Singh Jessy

My father was the renowned historian, Mr Joginder Singh Jessy, author of History books that were used  as school text books, from primary school to Form Six and also in some Commonwealth countries. He was a member of the Indian national Army( INA ) and  had very learned opinions on how politics and history are intertwined. He graduated with a 1 st Class Degree in History from University of Singapore and had a fascinating grasp of world history and politics, particularly, the independence movements that were sweeping all over Asia and rise of the communist in Russia and the spread of communism over China, Vietnam and all over Indo China, in later years. He was one of those who thought that Subhas Chandra Bose would have made a better leader of India and ensured the unity of pre partition India, rather than Gandhi and Nehru.

I myself, graduated from MU with a degree in history, before pursuing Law.

I have always maintained that Malay politics  revolve around puppet masters and that is why a good and in depth understanding of Sandiwara and Wayang Kulit is necessary. What you see and hear might not be  what is being conveyed. We non Malays, esp the educated, want to be politicians and intellectuals,  tend to go over board and expect things to happen according to what we perceive to be right and/or lawful.

Whilst some are crying hoarse over Muhujuddin’s sacking, he remains calm and is making the right noises. Today he said, he is still Najibs friend and will help him to strengthen UMNO. Yesterday, he said Najib has the right to change the cabinet. In short, to kick him out unceremoniously. That s your DPM, whom many are supporting.
Every Ali, Chong and Muthu knows and is convinced that ex AG was about to arrest Najib.  Expert opinions and e mails are burning the net, with their WHY and HOW this was short circuited by Najibs sacking AG. BUT the joke is on all these opinion peddlers. ex AG Gani, the man in the know,  has not uttered a word. Yet we are being led to believe this was about to happen and it is the Gospel truth.

Many have forgotten that this very AG prosecuted Anwar for the sodomy cases over many years and has now  received Gods justice by being barred from that very office and shown the door instead.
Next. Rosmah wants Zeti out. When I read that article forwarded by a friend, I immediately replied this as a cooked up story by a person with an imaginative mind. Reason, no sources of the said plot, except the writer.

Let me remind you my friends that when we attained independence, the then  Chinese leaders decided to allow  Malays to have political dominance in exchange of them controlling business. The   Malay politicans played along with the Chinese.

To day the same Chinese are complaining that there is no level playing field in business. Malays knew, if they had political control they could eventually run the country as they pleased and there was nothing the Chinese could do about it, as all their moves would be legally clothed With two thirds majority, Parliament became a rubber stamp, Chinese were no longer Ministers of Finance and  Trade. The rest, as they say is history.

Those who do not learn from history will keep on repeating the same mistakes. History is a study of the past, in light of the present , as a guide to the future.

I salute the Malay leaders for their political acumen. They have proven themselves to be true masters of politics.

As The great Mao said, there are no permanent  enemies in politics but only common interests. Or as  put in  another way by Teng Siao  Peng:


Dato Ajit Singh Jessy
1st August 2015

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