Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Tanned skin tone, medium height range, black hair and dark brown eyes. Who am I referring to?  Very near to Malaysia, lived a group of human being started their history as early as 15th Century AD.  Since then, they continued living. In struggle. Little that we know, the unique fact that their "breed" are born intelligent, Muslims. 

1982, this is where the story of the struggle, sparked. When the government enacted the citizenship law which denied "their" citizenship. Since then, they cried their lungs out every second hoping for sympathy from all around the world not forgetting the International NGOs. What have we done so far? 

Having to accept being labelled as the refugees and ghettos, they continue living in a dark side of the world. They had no choice but to fled all around potential border  to make way and look for a brighter side of living. Sadly, nothing seems to work out. The struggle continues. 

Stop blaming the world for not having enough sense of Human Rights, especially the neighboring countries. Why do we have to take the blame? The so called Democratic and Human Rights "fighter" who shared the same "citizenship" decided to stay silent ? How pathetic this world is turning into. My brain doesn't seems to work here. 

Massive killing, illegal trespassing to the neighboring countries seems to be out of control. They have been PUSH around. They are left with no other choice but to run around in order to get a sip of clean water. Hungry tummy need to be fed too. The unique part about them has been PULL back. How insecure one government can be over their own minority ethnic? 

It is about time they need to be saved from all kinds of ill treatments by their own people. If there is a need on the intervention from other country, set aside the Vetos...... then do it.There is a reason for international relations in the arena of politics to be born in the first place. 

The world that we live in is round. So as to life. What goes around comes around. The typical riddle diddle that often we hear when someone is at the stake of drowning in emotions. Karma,in short.

You'll get back your rights....... Rohingya. 

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