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Will the real P.A.S. please stand up, please stand up, please stand up..

Yesterday, I read an article from Tuan Lawyer, Azmi Sharom, the famous The Star columnist which recently caught the attention of the nation with his prosecution under Sedition Act 1948. An article that won my attention since he raised certain issues which are really crucial.

The article actually titled An Identity Crisis for PAS, as usual he composed it for The Star (Article link shown below)

It is about PAS, the Islamic Party. I am quoating some excerpts from the article and my comments follow accordingly. 
Basically, what is happening is the tension between the “progressives” and “conservatives” bubbling up to the surface.
I suppose there was a certain naiveté amongst some people (myself included) regarding the character of PAS.
Over the last eight years or so, there was a belief that PAS had changed. It was modernist and inclusive, and had moved away from its insular and traditionalist past.
The wave of Makkal Sakhti hit many of rakyat Malaysia back in 1998. This to include some ustazs from PAS itself. At that time, I even found a book written by an ustaz with the title "Makkal Sakhti", obviously in support of the overwhelming wave. 

I was surprised when I saw the book, because first of all, I don't understand what is the meaning of "makkal sakhti". Second it is phrase at that time, seemed been publicised initially among the indian community in support of the wave. 

As it is known, the wave triggered by the action taken by the government towards Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim the former Deputy Prime Minister. The third reason for my surprise was that an ustaz is not known for having using indian phrase especially from hindu source since it may contradict to the teaching of Islam. 

But later on I learned that "makkal sakthi" simply means people power. It may not representing any hindu notion, still if you are a PAS follower at that time, you are not been educated (read tarbiyah) to rely on people's power. That is why PAS are known for it's "takbir" which means Allah is the greatest. 

How come one claims God is the greatest at the same time his heart and mind is relying on people's power? In strict Islamic creed it constitutes association between two powers, God power and people's power! Which is unacceptable. Since God's power is incomparable to the creation's.

I think that was among the primary indications that PAS has become more liberal or at least being started to being 'controlled' what is now named by Azmi Sharom as the "progressive" people in PAS.

Now of course we see that the conservative voices in PAS were not being made redundant by the “new” PAS; instead they were merely keeping quiet.
They were always there; we just chose to ignore them.
I wonder if their Pakatan partners also chose to ignore them.
If this is the case, then they can’t do that any more.
This "progressive" is just a label. If one tries to associate these 'progressive people' to those of the professionals, then what happened to Nasharudin Mat Isa, Dr Hassan Ali and recently involved in the famous whatsapp controversy, Dr Zuhdi as well as many others, whom are all professionals?

If one tries to relate the conservative to merely means the group consists of ulamas, then question raised, is it true that the PAS can exist without the ulamas? Are there any ulama that agree to form other party instead of the original PAS?

I am very intrigue by the words "we just chose to ignore them". This shows something. It is an admission as well. Being used by Azmi it may represents some academicians, since after that he wrote "I wonder if their Pakatan partners also chose to ignore them."

Erdogans, parasites, Anwarinas, Anwariyuun or whatever labels you called them. Interchangable.

My comment, I tell you man, they do exist. Yes, I agree with him that they were merely keeping quiet. Or maybe some of them are just confused? Actually there were efforts at the early stage of makkal sakhti era by some bloggers (or netizens of any kind) to show the existence of the so called 'Erdogans' fraction who were at that time trying their best for cooperation between PAS, PKR and DAP. 

These Erdogans have different attitude compared with the traditional PAS members. I had noticed one of them would quickly post on his blog celebrating any speech made by Ketua Umum PKR but chose to ignore any speech made the president of PAS. That was among weird thing done by the Erdogans.

Some others were too eager to see corporation between PAS and DAP to the extent of publishing statement such as "DAP is more Islamic than UMNO". They were also tried to open the door of corporation soo.. wide, up to the level that some religious matters are better done with DAP than UMNO. 

Liberals : a word have been warned before within the ulamas circle.

They would even visit churches and pork wet markets, listen to DAP's 'takzirah' in the mosque, participating in demonstration organised by DAP, organised underground band to perform music which is uncommon for the traditional PAS members and many other activities showing their distinctiveness.

I believe the other members of PAS were in disagreement but they were astonishingly quiet. Except for a few bloggers or channels which may presumedly of traditionalists in PAS, did response in a disapproval manners. Their effort was easily thwarted. The wave was gigantic.

Any other effort to show the existence of Erdogans at that time was successfully brushed out as fitnahs. Although their existence were obvious to certain level of minds and even the Mursyidul Am had naively acknowledged of their existence.

The 'Erdogans' term later on being publicised as 'parasites in PAS' after certain ustazs and professionals in PAS were tactically moved out from the PAS framework by a group of people with specific agenda. The credit goes to a famous motivator, who used the word 'parasites' after he was politically driven out of the framework. Do I have to mention names here?

There were also wave of new instant members of PAS due to the phenomenal political tide. They were quickly recruited, unfortunately was not done through the traditionalist channel. All are messed up back then. These new instant members, most of them do not know PAS as it should be. Don't blame them if they are unable to differentiate between PAS and PKR. But the famous notion of 'we listen and we obey' was still intact, in which applying to the terrible situation, becoming more confusing.

At least up until this year where so many things have been revealed. I called this as 'withdrawal syndrome'. Simply, you did something unnatural that you enjoy but then you have to pay back heavy price.
Just which party risks losing more is hard to say, but without a doubt the biggest winner if Pakatan breaks up would be Barisan.
But if they do decide to stick with it, there is one question that needs to be first answered and that is, to paraphrase Eminem, “Will the real P.A.S. please stand up, please stand up, please stand up”.
Without a doubt it is! But as Tun Dr Mahathir said recently that UMNO is too weak (Referring to UMNO in Selangor). We don't expect UMNO would gain advantage in Selangor despite a large tremor has just overcome Pakatan Rakyat. 

But the tremor has left behind big crack, drawing a line between two fractions in PAS. This time, no one would be able to brush it out as fitnah (allegation which is not true) (Actually at least someone did try!).

Now! Whether you are with us or with them!

The damage is great. It proves the truth of a description made for the pact of powers, which is a marriage of convenience. Even some PAS members have started to use the description in blog nowadays.

Then the big question comes, PAS future with PR?

The original PAS that I have known, they are very strict to their principles. The principles which based on mutually approved interpretation of the only two credible sources of Islam, which are the Quran and the Hadiths (traditions of the Prophet pbuh). 

Majlis Syura Ulama

That is why they have the Majlis Syura Ulama. The highest policy making board in PAS. They do the interpretation and it is still using strict method. This year event, we see that the hijackers failed to appreciate the distinguished existence of the board. It's power. It was too late for them to just crying loud "scholars are replaceable!" after certain decisions been made by the board and publicised.

Some cases, have proven the sturdiness of the existing Majlis Syura Ulama. The initial and general support of Mursyidul Am for the use of kalimah Allah by non-muslims in the bible was overturned by the finding of Majlis Syura. The president himself who was 'tricked' into a joint statement, in which Anwar alleged that it shows PR approval for the use of kalimah Allah in bible, had later on insist the statement made is in fact has the same meaning to the finding of the Majlis Syura.

The PR Selangor Menteri Besar fiasco is another instance.

Pity the instant members of PAS, they have just realised that they have this Majlis Syura. I believe many still don't realise that any decree made by the board would bind members including the President and Mursyidul Am itself. If it is not out of legal then at least in principle. Mind you that, PAS is operated based on the interpretation of the two sources of Islam as mentioned above. Legal thing such as clauses of party constitution would be altered if it is not in conformity with the interpretation. That is the traditionalist stand of view as I see it.

“Will the real P.A.S. please stand up, please stand up, please stand up”.

Who are the real PAS then? My logic offers a test. A test on how to know the real PAS. Simple, those who are real PAS would able to be segregated but can still be stand alone to be known as PAS. While others will only try and fail. 

Illustration : Can you expect a separate PAS without Datuk Nik Aziz physically inside?

If you are a real PAS member, you would stick to the interpretation of the Islamic laws experts, the Majlis Syura Ulama. I think that is the connotation of Dato Seri Haji Hadi saying of "I don't want to drag all of you to hell" referring to the betrayal of the two members of PAS. 

But then, the people who wanting to hijack would begin to think, if this is the problem we have to address it as soon as possible. At least before the next PRU-14. The target is obvious, something about the Majlis Syura Ulama.

Thanks for the interesting article tuan Lawyer.

The full article of Azmi Sharom is here.

Authored by Pak Long, may not representing other authors of incikposmen.

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