Friday, 18 March 2016

Binary Mind

As we remember ourselves, we are originated from nothingness. No one can testify otherwise, no one can claim that he or she has ever live in the past with no beginning. All of us has beginning.

That is the basic of our mind. It is binary. We are from nothingness to existence. 0 to 1. The basic language of everything. The basis that constitutes the mind. That is the nature of our mind. 

While the mind is designed based on such binary principle, it does behave and manifest as such. It distinguishes, it affirms and it chooses between values manifest before itself. This potential of mind is based on it's binary nature. All are originated from the realisation of coming out of nothing. 

Question, did we choose to come into existence? Is anyone remember that he or she made that choice? If your answer is no then comes the next question, who made the choice?

The choice had been made. Clear and precise answer. No doubt about it. 

The mind acts based on it's natural design. 

If the entity who made the choice is one then the mind is designed by one who made the choice. If the entity who made the choice is more than one then mind is designed by more than one who designed the mind. 

Can the mind grasps more than one creator?

At the beginning, who made the choice must be one. If it is not one, for example two, then there will be clashes of will. Or the will submit to the other will. Or the other will has inferior status of being. Then it a clear case of having defect, which defines inferiority to the other. Which results in not absoluteness. Not absolute means not perfect.

While if the two wills have equal status then there is issue on whose will will prevail. One will will not tolerate to the other as it has its own choice. Thus, nothing will come into existence as the clashes would last forever because of both has equal status and no will is superior to the other.

If a will has a choice of to begin an existence the other will may not agree with it and it has to cease exist. etc.

Therefore, there was one who made the choice for us all to come into existence. 

Thus the mind is created by a single creator. It behaves like it is created by single creator.

The creator is one. 

Here the words ceased to exist...

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